Thermoelectric coolers/heaters

Thermoelectric coolers/heaters

One of the youngest and most rapidly growing fields of activities of RIF Corporation is manufacturing of Peltier Effect based Products. Peltier Effect was discovered in 1834, and after a century formed the basis of thermoelectric technology, radically changing one's ideas on how to obtain heat and cold. Wide application of freon refrigeration systems in all spheres of human activities has been one of the reasons for serious disturbance to the ecological balance of the Earth's atmosphere, associated with ozone layer depletion. The best alternative to vapor compression and absorption refrigeration systems is a thermoelectric method of cooling, in which electron and hole gases in semiconductors are refrigerants. Thermoelectric cooling systems features high reliability, resistance to mechanical stress and vibration on vapor compression refrigeration systems in which at high mechanical loads Freon leak occurs. Thermoelectric systems do not require systematic maintenance. Purchasing a thermoelectric cooler, do not worry about expenses for its maintenance in the future or repairing costs. Thermoelectric systems, displacing the conventional coolers, are increasingly beginning to be used in most different areas: medicine, railway vehicles, automotive, aircraft and aerospace industry, communications and computer technologies, industrial electronics and power engineering, domestic appliances. Application of flexible technologies allows the company dynamically respond to market needs and rapidly solve the problem of «heating / cooling» in various fields of human activities in different countries and climatic zones.

Thermoelectric cooler for computer

Comparative tests have revealed the benefits associated with using of a computer 3.2GHz processor at 100% load for the processor cooler with TEMs, when the critical temperature reaches 70°C at an ambient temperature of 37°C. When cooling the processor, which uses a traditional cooler (fan and radiator), the critical temperature is reached at an ambient […]

Thermoelectric liquid chiller

The Thermoelectric liquid cooler is one of the latest developments of our company. It is designed for cooling of various beverages. It can be used at home, bars, restaurants, etc.

Thermoelectric water chiller

The thermoelectric cooler (TEV) is designed for use in cases requiring the maintenance of stable level of water temperature. The TEV can be used for cooling various types of fluids: water, oil, emulsions. Equipment with use of coolants is utilized in various areas: domestic use (shower, swimming pool, aquarium), medicine, printing industry, chemical industry, machine-building […]

Thermoelectric module

Полупроводниковые элементы (ветви) n- и p-типа соединяются в определенной последовательности и запаиваются между двумя керамическими пластинами. При подаче постоянного напряжения на выводы ТЭМ происходит поглощение тепла на одной пластине и выделение тепла на другой.
Таким образом, достигается эффект «теплового насоса» — происходит перенос тепла. Разница температур на обкладках ТЭМ достигает 70 °С.

Thermoelectric container

The Thermoelectric Container ТEK-3,3-12 is designed to transport drugs and organ donation.The container is made on the basis of thermoelectric modules operating on the Peltier effect.The container construction design allows it to operate from external power source and from the built-in battery. When the external power source is disconnected, the accumulator unit switches on automatically […]