Thermoelectric water chiller

Thermoelectric coolers/heaters

The thermoelectric cooler (TEV) is designed for use in cases requiring the maintenance of stable level of water temperature. The TEV can be used for cooling various types of fluids: water, oil, emulsions. Equipment with use of coolants is utilized in various areas:
domestic use (shower, swimming pool, aquarium),
printing industry,
chemical industry,
machine-building industry to cool machines, machining centers, laser generators and other equipment.

The TEV refers to two-circuit devices and it is built on the basis of thermoelectric modules
(TEM), operating on the Peltier effect. When electric current flows through the semiconductor
thermoelectric modules, an intensive heat removal from the cooled liquid occurs. Along with the cooling in the main duct, the fluid is heated in the secondary duct, which allows the use of hot water for domestic or industrial purposes.

The TEV compared to traditional chillers, manufactured by foreign companies, is an environmentally friendly product (completely absent Freon.) No compressor and other moving parts makes its operating expenses much less than other types of liquid chillers.

The construction design is reliable and convinient for servicing and repair, has easily accessible controls and removable power supply. Outdoor air used in cooling of heat release unit, is filtrated through a filter, protecting the product from the dust. There are no flammable materials in the product, making it fireproof.

The use of TEV provides accurate, quality operation and high productivity of equipment. The
TEV is high reliable.

Technical characteristics of TEV-3,5-230AC with maximum cooling capacity 3,5kW