Thermoelectric generators

Thermoelectric generators

The thermo-generator operation is based on Seebeck effect, which was discovered in 1821 and found practical applications in current sources used for researching galvanic processes as well as different electrical processes and effects. The practical application of thermo-generator was developed in the 1950s as self-contained current sources used in districts which lacked centralized electricity supply. Rapid development of thermo-electric energetics began at the time of space exploration. Until then they used radio isotopic thermo-generators in space ships as current sources. At the same time, they were used for electrical supply of cathodic protection of main gas pipeline.

  • Advantages of thermogenerators:  static single-stage system of first Type conversion, absence of moving parts. long operational life without service. the possibility to use heat from any source of thermal energy; capability to operate irrespective of spatial attitude; independence from environment (space, water, earth), in which the thermo-generator operates.
  • Fields of application: in industry, used in self-contained current sources on main gas pipelines, for consumer supply, that is located in far and hard-to-reach areas of highlands and the far north (clearing marks, weather stations and etc.); for Deep Space research (radio-isotopic generators and nuclear thermoelectric facilities); in medical use as cardio-stimulators; in household use as self-contained current sources.
  • Perspectives for development in the future: electrical power sources for Space and World ocean research; self-contained power sources for appliances, serving main gas pipelines; applications in small-scale power generation.

    Thermogenerating battery

    The Thermogenerating battery is intended for converting thermal energy into electricity (via the Seebeck effect). The TB is a finished product and it is used for manufacturing self-contained sources of electrical supply. It is designed using a unique technology of closed circuits from semi-conductive material. The TB electric commutation is provided without using ceramic substrate […]

    Thermoelectric gas generator

    Thermoelectric Gas Generator The thermoelectric gas generator (TGG) is a power supply of electric energy, which it generates by thermoelectric conversion, based on the Zeebeck phenomenon, at the expense of direct heat conversion, received by fuel combustion,into electric energy. TGG-150 intended for direct current supply of radio-electronic devices, complex, linear telemechanics and automatics, communications and […]