Thermogenerating battery

Thermoelectric generators

The Thermogenerating battery is intended for converting thermal energy into electricity (via the Seebeck effect).

The TB is a finished product and it is used for manufacturing self-contained sources of electrical supply.

It is designed using a unique technology of closed circuits from semi-conductive material. The TB electric commutation is provided without using ceramic substrate both on hot and cold sides.

Maximal temperature on the hot side is 340°C.

Features at the temperature difference 270°C

The EMF is the circuit break voltage.
This power is received at load resistance is equal to the internal load of a battery.

Output voltage and power change according to the value of external load and relevant current (pic.1).
Load resistance is equal to internal resistance of battery corresponding with maximal power.
Output electric power is strongly dependent on the value of temperature difference (pic.2).

Pic.1 Voltage-current characteristic of thermobattery at difference of 270 °C (on hot side 300°C)

Pic.2 Characteristic curve of thermo-battery maximal power and difference (on hot side 300 °C).