Heating Appliances

Heating Appliances

RIF Corp. settled development and manufacturing of Thick Film Heating Elements (TFHE) during Conversion period, when it was vitally necessary to start the production of consumer goods. Derived from microelectronics, experience in thick-film technologies, availability of all required equipment and qualified personnel, resulted in development and launching of large-scale production of a unique product having no world analogous, in the shortest possible time. Company possesses complete cycle of TFHE development and manufacturing - from topology design, and preparation of resistive, conductive and insulating pastes, to deposition of layers by screen-printing, firing in ovens, lead soldering, final assembly and quality control. Structure and Principle of Operation Flat steel plate covered by a glass-enamel layer of electrical insulation is a basic part of a Thick Film Heating Element. The resistive paste is deposited over it by screen-printing providing required topology. The special protective coating covers the heater surface. Contact pads of a resistive layer are connected to terminal leads by soldering. Heating of the resistive layer and heat evolution occurs when voltage applies to TFHE terminals. Designers develop TFHE of different shapes, power, dimensions and applications depending on specific customer requirements.

Industrial heaters, EN series

Main applications TFHE are installed as individual heaters for local heating of electronic modules and electrical equipment, transformer substations, relay protection racks and other automatic equipment. TFHE are used for diesel fuel warm-up, various applications of explosion-proof modification for gas, oil and mining industries. TFHE are also applied for temperature maintenance, dehumidification, direct heating of […]

Explosion proof heater

These heaters found their applications in gas, oil, chemical and mining industries. VEN and VEN T are designed for heating industrial equipment and highly explosive rooms, where flammable mixtures of gases and liquids may present in the air. Fireproof thermal switch provides automatic On/Off switch mode for different temperature ranges.

Houshold electrical appliiances

compact electrical cooker (400 W power)