Industrial heaters, EN series

Heating Appliances

Main applications

TFHE are installed as individual heaters for
local heating of electronic modules and electrical
equipment, transformer substations, relay protection racks and other automatic equipment.

TFHE are used for diesel fuel warm-up, various
applications of explosion-proof modification for gas,
oil and mining industries. TFHE are also applied for
temperature maintenance, dehumidification, direct heating of liquids.

Household convection heaters, mini cookers, foot heaters, etc. are based on TFHE. Unique properties of thick film heaters are confirmed by patents, certification, numerous testing by the leading Russian companies, and years of reliable operation.

Main advantages:

• high reliability;
• long lifetime;
• efficient operation;
• rapid initial heating;
• absence of red-hot surfaces;
• environmental safety (no oxygen burnout);
• uniform surface heating;
• controllable surface temperature.