Thermoelectric air cooler

Thermoelectric coolers/heaters

Purpose and Principle of operation

The VOT series of thermoelectric air coolers is used for cooling the air inside the different types of electrical cabinets, racks, automatic and control power units, electronic enclosures, foundry overhead cranes, passenger and freight elevators, and vehicle cabs.

These coolers are environmentally friendly devices that use the Peltier Effect. This cooling method is the most promising, since it has significant advantages over conventional vapor compression and absorption cooling systems.

Main Advantages:


  • the cooling and heating is achieved by passing a direct electric current through a solid-state semiconductor device (thermoelectric module);
  • lack of chemically active or under pressure coolants;
  • possibility of use on moving vehicles;
  • possibility of operation in a wide range of climatic conditions;
  • regime change from cooling mode to heating by simply changing the polarity of the power supply of the thermoelectric (TE) unit;
  • no moving parts (except fans);
  • low time delay;
  • high reliability;
  • low noise level.