In the field of energy security

Services provided in the field of energy security:

- Development of recommendations to reduce energy resource losses and development of programs to improve energy efficiency of fuel and energy resources use;

- Determination of energy saving potential and assessment of possible savings of fuel and energy resources;

- Development of energy saving and energy efficiency measures;

- Development of an energy passport based on the results of a mandatory energy survey;

- Analysis (expertise), development (revision) of operational, technical, technological, design and repair documentation, standards of organizations;

- Analysis (expertise), calculations and justification of standards for technological losses of electric (thermal) energy during its transmission over electric (thermal) networks;

- Analysis (expertise), calculations and justification of standards for specific fuel consumption, standards for creating fuel reserves;

- Analysis (expertise), calculations of tariffs for electric energy supplied by energy supply organizations to consumers, including tariffs for the population;

- Analysis (expertise), calculation of tariffs for thermal energy produced by power plants, including those that produce combined electric and thermal energy;

- Analysis (examination), the calculation of tariffs for services in transfer of thermal energy;

- Analysis (expertise), calculation of tariffs for electric power transmission services via distribution networks;
- Analysis (expertise), calculation of tariffs for water supply (including hot water) and sanitation;

- Analysis (expertise), calculations of the sales premium of the guaranteeing supplier and other sales companies.

- Analysis of electrical circuits of power plants and networks of all voltage levels in normal, emergency and repair modes with the development of measures to ensure the reliability of power plants and networks.

- Analysis of thermal circuits of power plants and networks in normal, emergency and repair modes with the development of measures to ensure the reliability of power plants and networks.

- Production of calculations of operating modes of power equipment;

- Testing and measuring parameters of electrical installations and their parts and elements, as well as measuring the quality of electrical energy;

- Thermal imaging inspection and diagnostics of the technical condition of power equipment, enclosing structures of buildings and structures;

- Technical inspection (diagnostics) of electrical equipment:
equipment and means of protection of electric networks;
power and auxiliary equipment and devices for electrical substations, switchgears (points);
fittings, elements of assemblies, wires (cables) and parts of air and cable lines;
networks and control systems, automation protection, measurements, alarm systems, metering devices and electric energy quality;
earthing devices of all types and earthing circuits;
power transformer;
complete switchgears and substations;
heat points (technological, electrical equipment, Instrumentation, fittings, accessories);
heat networks from heat stations (technological, electrical equipment, fittings, accessories);
hydraulic structures water supply sources;
water intake structures;
water pipes, water networks and structures;
pumping stations (first, second ascent), stations of the paging;
sewage pumping station;
ventilation and air conditioning systems.

- Calculation of funds for extinguishing fires of flammable liquids (LVZH, gasoline, ligroin, benzene, toluene, etc. with a flash point t = ≤ 28°C) and flammable liquids (oil, fuel oil, oils, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc. with flash point tvsp ≥ 28°C) high-return air-mechanical foam;

- Calculation of the maximum number of sleeves of the main sleeve line at a pressure of 9-10 ATM;

- Calculation of the required pressure on the pump;

- Determining the calculation of water in the ring network;

- Determination of water consumption when working barrels;

- Justification of investments for the construction of potentially dangerous objects and life-support facilities in cities and other settlements is developed taking into account measures to prevent emergencies provided for by the approved urban planning documentation provided for by the urban Planning code of the Russian Federation for urban and rural settlements and other municipalities;

- Conclusion (Assessment) on the readiness of object forces and means for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations (approved by the civil defense and emergency management authority) in accordance with article 14 of Federal law No. 68-FZ of December 21, 1994 "on the protection of the population and territories from natural and man-made emergencies»;

- Development of administrative and organizational provisions for the prevention of emergency situations;

- Development and implementation of facility action plans for prevention of emergency situations;

- Forecasting of man-made and natural emergencies, determining and periodically updating indicators of emergency risk for production personnel and the population in the surrounding area;

- Ensuring the readiness of object management bodies, forces and means for actions to prevent and eliminate emergencies;

- Training of personnel for emergency situations;

- Creation of object reserves of material and financial resources for emergency response;

- Conducting non-state expertise of capital construction projects.

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